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Sarah Winkler

I spent my childhood in a glass studio owned by my parents and learned about traditional stained glass at a very young age. I started with small mosaic stepping stones, and from there my passion sparked into small windows, sun catchers, and larger, complex mosaics. When I was 10,  I got my first kiln and began fusing glass jewelry. 


In my studio I have a strict "No Waste Policy" so every bit of scrap glass gets used, and I never throw any glass away.  Every large project started has many small projects to follow. For example, I start with a large stained glass window with custom colors and glass types, then the scrap glass from this project become sun-catcher leaves and feathers. After leaves and feathers are completed, the smaller left over pieces become either fused glass jewelry or glass mosaics.  Even when a glass blown piece gets broken, I re-purpose the those pieces into fused glass jewelry.  Reducing waste and re-purposing materials is something Cira Studio greatly prides itself on. 




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